Maria Anadon

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Singer Maria Anadon released her debut CD, “Why Jazz?” (Movieplay/Grove 1995) sided by the American female quartet Unpredictable Nature. The album was contemplated with a Cultural Interest Manifesto by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. Her second album, “Cem Anos” (Movieplay/Grove 1998) is totally sung in Portuguese and recreates – giving them contemporary angles - some of the most notable songs that have been soundtrack to the Portuguese cinema scene. Maria Anadon’s voice paves the way to a journey crossing one century of Portuguese movies’ History, and all the while mixes it with several influences: the Lisbon Fado, the aromas of African coffee, the native sounds from South-America and the mood of New Orleans jazz clubs. The Portuguese Ministry of Culture also graced this work with a Cultural Interest Manifesto. Her third album, “A Jazzy Way”, graced with yet another Cultural Interest Manifesto by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, sees the light of day in 2006 and finds her deepening her work with the American all-female jazz band Five Play (Arbors Records 2006). The album marks the definite international establishment of her voice as a jazz reference. «One thing that Ms. Anadon does do very consistently is bring a fresh and original approach to every song she sings.» In The New York Sun - Will Friedwald; «Maria Anadon is a new voice but one that should be heard often.. She is deep in the jazz tradition.» In The Review Corner - Herb Young. «Jazz is a universal language. For instance, a genuinely gifted pianist from Denmark can craft as fine a treatment of “Days of Wine and Roses” as an American like Fred Hersch. But it’s different for vocalists. Maria Anadon is a delightfully rare exception.» In Vox - Christopher Loudon“Smile” (IPlay 2010), Maria Anadon’s fourth solo CD, loaded with new standards, rarities and a tribute song to Charles Chaplin, again recorded with the all-female American band Five Play, is scheduled to be released in March, once more benefiting from a Cultural Interest Manifesto by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.
(from text by Maria Anadon)

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