Hugo Carvalhais

Hugo Carvalhais was born in Porto, in 1978. He has a degree in Painting from the Fine Arts School of Porto. He is a self-taught double-bass player, but has studied and participated in various seminars with:Ron Carter, Eddie Gomez, Hein Van de Geyn, Carlos Barretto, Carlos Bica, Miroslav Vitous, Omer Avital, Mário Rossy, Mário Pavone, Remi Vignolo, Alexis Cuadrado, Rufus Reid, etc.
Considered as one of the most talented and "sui generis" Portuguese double-bass players of his generation, Hugo has been a part of groups and accompanied musicians such as Julian Arguelles, Emile Parisien, Sheila Jordan ( a living jazz legend), Nuno Ferreira, Jefferey Davis, Marcos Cavaleiro, Jorge Reis, Paulo Gomes, Art Themen, Trupe Vocal, Fátima Serro, Kiko, Maria Viana, among others.
2010 sees the launch of his first record as a leader, entitled "nebulosa", released on Cleanfeed Records, one of the most prestigious labels of today, featuring saxophone player Tim Berne.

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