Daniel Schvetz

Luso-Argentinian composer, born in Buenos Aires , Daniel Schvetz studied piano and composition in National Conservatory and particularly; piano with Roberto Brando and Moisés Makaroff and couterpoint, analisis and composition with Guillermo Gratzer, pupil of Paul Hindemith. He began improvising on the piano since 3 years old and this took him to develop his ideas both arranging and composing early, for jazz, folklore and contemporary ensembles and choirs. He attended the Cursos Latinoamericanos de Música Contemporânea, in Brazil and Argentina. He made investigation and performing tours all over his own country, Bolivia and Peru. He founded the projects “Luna” and “ Canto entero”, of Folkloric projection, and “ El Borde”, who performed his own compositions in modern tango style. Yet there he wrote many works for piano and different chamber ensembles, and for theatre. In Portugal since 1990, he is professor of Analysis and composition technics and Chamber music at National Conservatory, and lecturer of Musical Analysis at Metropolitan Conservatory and Metropolitan Professional School. He founded with César Viana “Ophris”, to perform Portuguese Contemporary music. Works include “Formantes” for sax quartet, “Primeira sinfonia concertante”, for chamber orchestra and solo clarinet, “Segunda Sinfonia Concertante” for symphonic band and solo tenor sax, “Suite semi-porteña”, for harpsichord, symphonic theatral poems based on Borges’ and on V. Nemésio’ poems, “Sinfonia Apocalíptica”, for sax quartet, percussion and orchestra, “Missa de Santa Cecília”, “Cantata Brevis”, the operas “ The little prince” and “O Defunto”, musicals such as “Contos de Shakespeare”, “Homlet”, “Sonhos de uma noite de verão” and the farses “Gariações Volberg” and “A Mauta Flágica”. He conducts and performs tango and in improvisation concerts. (adapted from text by Daniel Schvetz)
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