Rafael Toral

Rafael Toral is a performance musician using custom-built or modified electronic instruments. He is currently searching new performance possibilities in electronic music, through his long-term "Space Program", a quest for a discipline to structure musical discourse in "post-free jazz electronic music". Approaching jazz from an alien perspective, as a system of individual decision-making from the viewpoint of free spectrum electronics, his conception is concerned with physical, gestural performance, “phrasing and swing”, instruments with a simple and clear sonic identity, and articulation of silence and sound. Rafael Toral has performed throughout Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia and collaborated with Phill Niblock, John Zorn, Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay, Alvin Lucier, Jim O'Rourke, Evan Parker, Roger Turner and David Toop, among others. He is a long time collaborator of Sei Miguel and a member of the Mimeo european electronic orchestra. Formerly known for his work with guitar and electronics and records such as "Wave Field" (1994) or "Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance" (2000), in 2003 he terminated that line of works to completely renew his approach to music. In 2006 he released “Space”, followed by “Space Solo 1” in 2007 and "Space Elements Vol. I" in 2008. (text by Rafael Toral)


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