Jaime Reis

Photo: Ana Lima

Composer Jaime Reis started studying music at five, in Seia, with ethnomusicologist António Tilly. He started composing at 12, studying at Conservatório de Música in Seia and Viseu. Between 17 and 22, he concluded a music teaching degree in the University of Aveiro, where he studied composition and electronic music with Isabel Soveral and João Pedro Oliveira. He finished a doctoral course in Social Sciences in Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he's pursuing doctoral studies in Musicology with Professors Salwa Castelo-Branco and Emmanuel Nunes, whose composition seminars he attends regularly, namely those of Gulbenkian Foundation. He also attended Stockhausen’s summer courses (Kürten). He was given a mention on the 1st and 2nd Jorge Peixinho Contest, he was selected thrice for the Gulbenkian Workshop for Young Composers, his music was selected to be presented at the ICMC 2005 (Barcelona). Besides his activity as a composer, he is artistic directot of festivals Days of Portuguese Music in Krakow and Days of Electroacoustic Music, in Portugal. Conferences: University of Aveiro, Music Academy in Krakow and Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, among others; sonorization of documentaries and multimedia presentations; research fellow for the Portuguese Music Information Centre and for INET (Ethnomusicology Institute – Universidade Nova de Lisboa), where he develops studies about Portuguese music; he teaches and is co-director of Conservatório de Música in Seia. His music has been presented, among others, in Portugal (Festival Música Viva and Festival de Música de Aveiro), in Poland, Turkey, France, Austria (Hörfest 05, Graz), where he was invited composer to premiere is piece Lysozyme Synthesis, and Belgium (Ghent), where he premiere his piece Density Study, commissioned by Logos Foundation. In 2006/2007 he was composer in residence at Laboratory of Electroacoustic Creation (Miso Music, Portugal) and at Visby International Centre for Composers (2007). (adapted from text by Jaime Reis)

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