Gonçalo Lourenço

Composer and conductor Gonçalo Lourenço was born in Lisbon in 1979. Active as a choral conductor, he founded the Odyssea Choir and the Coro da Universidade Lusófona in 2004, and serves as the music director of both ensembles. He has participated in conducting courses such as the First International Course of Vocal Music Luisa Todi and the Aveiro International Courses of Vocal Music where he worked with singers Claire Vangelisti and João Lourenço and Maestros António Vassalo Lourenço and Paulo Lourenço. As a composer, Lourenço has worked with Emmanuel Nunes and Guillaume Bourgnone at the 1st Gulbenkian Orchestra Workshop for Young Composers 2003 / 2004. His work “Tentativas” has been performed by the Gulbenkian Orchestra, as was the piece “Néctar”, for fourteen instruments (soloists from the same ensemble). He has also composed film music, including the soundtracks of “Pestes ao Ataque”, “Círculo Mágico” and “Com Tradição”, which he produced. Commissioned by Maestro Gunnstein Olafsson, Lourenço’s music has been performed by the Young Musicians Orchestra of Iceland. Additional commissions include “Dunego” for String Quartet and Guitar, for Brazilian guitarist Rodrigo Rios, and “Four Christmas Motets” for Maestro J.D. Goddard and the Mastersingers of Ohio. (adapted from text by Gonçalo Lourenço)

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